Tai Chi - Free Class
Tai Chi - Free Class Jan 21

Tai Chi - Free Class

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This is a Free Sample Class for the upcoming Tai Chi Series beginning the following week!

This series features Tai Chi 24 short form, Yang style, Beginner Level. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of slowly flowing movements and shifts of balance that strengthens the legs while conditioning the tendons and ligaments of the ankles, knees, and hips, increasing their range of motion and making them more resilient; less prone to injury. Tai Chi is a physical practice that focuses the mind, while conditioning the body. Tai Chi is associated with the following benefits: more efficient breathing, reduced blood pressure, slower declines in cardiovascular power, increased bone density, increased strength and range of motion of joints, greater leg strength, knee strength and flexibility, reduced levels of stress hormones during and after practice, improved immune function, and heightened mood states.
01/21/21 - 16:45 Start date
01/21/21 - 17:45 End date
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