How do you get a job without being well-connected?

Most people once in their life have had to deal with finding a job for the first time. This can be difficult in the beginning because you have no connections or previous experience to help you get hired.

Networking is one of the most important ways into getting yourself the job you are looking for. Referred employees often get jobs quicker and make more out of the gate. However, if you do not have the connections to be referred, it is still possible to get the job you are looking for.

Here’s how:

1.Search Your Network For Possible Connections

If you are applying to work at a company where you don’t have an immediate connection, do some digging within your network to see if there are any other connections you haven’t discovered yet.

Check your Linkedin account and spread any other words to your existing network to find any other connections. After this, you can also contact your alumni association to find any former professors or classmates who might be affiliated with the company you are looking at.

2. Announcing Your Job Search

With social media growing every day, this is an effective way to get your name out that you are job searching. Announce your job search on your Twitter or Linkedin profiles. This can create networking and people can possibly provide you with leads and referrals about companies or the network that you are interested in.

3. Make New Connections

It is never too late to make connections. Do some research on the company and reach out to them via email. Tell them a little about yourself, your career goals and experience, and how their experience for working with the company is like. When doing this, however, do not just ask for a referral or a recommendation straight off the bat. The purpose of making new connections is to actually build a genuine connection with someone because you are actually interested in networking. Do not just do it because you need something from them.

4. Apply Anyway!

At the end of the day, networking does help, but if you are not able to find any connections, then just apply anyway! It does not hurt to apply for the job. A well-crafted resume can get you much further than an address book full of connections. Having a connection is helpful, but it is not going to do anything if you are not qualified. Companies that are hiring want great candidates with experience, skill, and a great attitude. How you appear and present yourself to employers can go much farther than a list of people you know in the professional world.

Jared Shimono

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