15 ways to find your life purpose.

To succeed in life, you have find your call first.
Here 15 Ways to find your true calling to life.

1.Ask yourself some questions about how you feel about your life.

Start with your questions. Are you satisfied with your work, with your schedule? Are you surrounded by people who care and support you? What do you love about your life, what makes you miserable? These questions seem to be easy, and you may often ask them to yourself, but usually we don't pay so much attention to them simply because we're busy or scared to face the truth.

2.Make a list of what you love and hate

Write down what you love and hate about your life in a column, including the smallest details. Now, as you've got it in your eyes, try to do more of what makes you happy and avoid things (or even people) that upset you.

3.Take a test to see what you're good at.

Of course, you know that you're good at math and have no ambitions to become a pop star. But sometimes people tend to overdo or underestimate themselves. That's why it's useful to take some tests that can help reveal your strengths and weaknesses. 


4.Combine your strengths and your interests

As you've found out what makes you stand out from others, combine your strengths with your interests, and think about how you can benefit from that.

For example, if you've decided that the work schedule is not your style, and you've started working as a freelancer, it's valid to know your strengths and weaknesses. Only after you have found your niche can you build a strong personal brand that speaks for itself. There are hints that monitoring and designing your online presence should be one of the first steps of your personal brand establishment.

5.Say yes to an odd opportunity

Do you remember the movie "Yes Man," in which Jim Carrey, as the main character, challenges himself to say "Yes" to every proposal for the whole year? It's a great trick to get out of your comfort zone and add some adventures to your life.

6.Follow a dream of your own instead of someone else's

Your mother may be sure you're going to be a brilliant lawyer, but if you just don't feel that way, you're never going to be satisfied with that position. No matter how much money you're going to make and how fancy your apartment is going to be. If this isn't your passion, it won't work.

7.Surround yourself with motivated, successful people.

So, end the burdensome relationship, stop contacting people who keep you down and start something, you've always dreamed of, but never had enough time. Take a French course, or go to the salsa class , for example.


8.Stop thinking and start acting right now

"Think is the thing that prevents people from acting," said YouTube star and filmmaker Casey Neistat to Entrepreneur.[5] While you're thinking too much, you're creating a lot of blocks in your mind. Remember, until you start the engine, the machine won't move, so the more activities you're trying to do, the bigger the chance is to find the one for you.


9.Be consistent, never give up easily

Whether you're learning how to play guitar or starting a blog post. It's like physical training – the result comes with regular exercise. Once you've decided to find your calling in life, make a little effort every day, get to know an interesting person, or read a self-improvement book.


10.Use Reminders not to forget to set and implement daily goals.

Think of the box to be creative
You can start with something simple, like cooking a new recipe or creating a mood-board. Why would you need it? One creative process is giving rise to another. Especially, if you're working in the creative industry, you never know where the inspiration comes from.


11.Read books, or at least watch videos to get some inspiration.

There are so many people in the world who have already been dealing with the issues that you're dealing with right now. They might become your role models or mentors in your search.

For example, here's a TED talk about Adam Leipzig, who claims to know how to discover the purpose of his life in just five minutes.


12.Embrace every possibility that you might have

Life has a plan of its own for you. So stop grieving for your unfulfilled goals and set new ones. Don't worry if you're going to get off track. Eventually, this is an imaginary one.


13.Learn about your mistakes

Stop seeing your mistakes as failures. As Scott Berkun says, "We are taught at school, in our families, or at work to feel guilty about failure, and to do whatever we can to avoid mistakes. What is missing from many people's beliefs about success is the fact that the more challenging the goal, the more frequent and difficult the setbacks will be. "[4].

14.Learn how to let people leave

You might think it doesn't have anything to do with finding your life calling. Well, you're wrong about that. When you forgive old grudges and get rid of anything that weighs you down, you realize how much energy you've been wasting.


15.Enjoy the process of finding your passion.

Don't take a race out of your search. Remember that you're looking for a passion to be happy, so make your own search an exciting process.

You may not realize that, but the day you decided to change something in your life and find your purpose is the beginning of your journey itself. A strong desire is the first step towards success. The second is action. So start at this exact moment and try to have fun, no matter what.

François Assock

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