Be Weird and Embrace Your Uniqueness

What others find strange is actually your uniqueness. Don’t ever give that up — not for anybody.

This is a curated article. Author: Tim Denning. Read the full version here.


Being yourself is tough. Each of us has our own quirks and allowing them to remain is difficult when we’re put in situations that require us to change who we are in order to fit in.

The temptation to have that drink, or break your diet/routine, or go to bed at a different time, or eat an animal, or conform to typical ways of using technology to avoid looking like the odd one out, can be hard to avoid.


It’s easier not to be yourself and pretend to be someone else.


Being unique can destroy relationships and make you unrelatable. What I learned at dinner last night is that it can also cause people to respect you.

Being unique in a world that wants you to be common and fit in takes courage. And you’ll never forget the feeling of using courage instead of letting fear control your actions.

We’re all weird in our own way and that’s what makes each of us unique. Always be yourself and never give that up even if it’s your job to impress a client.

People will be more impressed by your uniqueness than your ability to be something you’re not.


Sarah Deen

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